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We are the UK’s leading offshore haulage experts with a distribution network to/from The Channel Islands, The Isle of Man, The Isle of Wight and the Costa Blanca region of Spain.

When you need to transport heavy machinery, finding a suitable transport provider who is adequately equipped to do the job can be a difficult task. Established in the 1960s, Breakwells is a well-renowned haulage and distribution company with a well-developed network in the UK, as well as in the Channel Islands and other offshore island destinations. 

Our team is professionally trained and experienced in handling the various complexities of transporting high-value machinery and work equipment, from dealing with health and safety concerns to filling in the import/export documentation required for international shipping. 

Our machinery transport service operates under a strictly no-transhipment policy to ensure that your high-value items are not double-handled along the way, reducing the likelihood of damage occurring during transport. Driver-accompanied and fully tracked, a delivery by Breakwells guarantees you peace of mind knowing your valuable equipment is safe. 

Whether you are selling, buying or simply moving a piece of machinery from one site to another, here at Breakwells, we can get it there safely, on time and within budget. Give us a call on 01562 755 494 to find out how we can help or request a quick quote below.

How much does machinery transport cost? 

  • At Breakwells, we have optimised our network to allow us to offer fast delivery at competitive prices. When calculating the cost of heavy haulage, we take a number of factors into account including:

    • The type and size of the machinery
    • Number of machines to be transported 
    • The distance to the delivery destination
    • Any specific health & safety measures that have to be put in place
    • Whether the machine needs to be taken apart for transportation 

    All you have to do to get an estimate of how much your specific order would cost is to fill in the form below and tell our delivery experts a bit more about your machinery and your requirements.

Who we can help?

  • In our 60+ years of experience, here at Breakwells, we have worked with thousands of private and commercial clients across the UK. Whether you are an SME owner or a large manufacturer looking to transport heavy machinery, we have the specialised knowledge and experience to help you get your items delivered on time. Our dedication to quality across all our services is the foundation of our great customer relationships and it is the reason why Breakwells is strongly recommended by our loyal clients.

Why choose Breakwells?

With Breakwells as your machinery transport specialist, you can rest assured that even the heaviest machinery will be successfully transported to its final destination. You can rely on our team to deliver your equipment on time and within budget. Our service brings all of the benefits below to the table: 

  • The UK’s leading offshore island delivery service 
  • No transhipment 
  • Fleet of specialised transport vehicles
  • Kidderminster depot with 24/7 CCTV security 
  • Fully tracked delivery service online
  • Drive accompanied delivery  
  • Import/export papers handled for you
  • Excellent customer service 

How to prepare heavy machinery for transport? 

There are a few things you should consider before handing your machinery over to our team:

  • Inventory: It’s important to keep a detailed inventory including the make and model of the machine. If the machine will be transported in parts, make sure that every part of the machine is listed separately in the inventory to avoid any mistakes. 
  • Cleanliness: The machinery or equipment you are sending must be thoroughly cleaned before it’s ready for delivery. This is to avoid damages both to your machinery and to other items in the same shipment.
  • Health & Safety: If there are any health and safety concerns involved, such as hazardous materials that have to be transported with the machine, you must let us know in advance to ensure the safety of our staff and your shipment. 
  • Photo Proof: Always take detailed pictures of every item you send. This way you can verify that the machinery has arrived safely and in the same condition as when it was sent. 

If you need any more questions or advice on heavy haulage and machinery transport, feel free to get in touch with the Breakwells team at any time on 01562 755 494 or by using the form below.

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